45 Young Change Agents unleashed at Riverside Girls High School

In April 2016, Young Change Agents ran our high school pilot program for 45 students in year 8/9 at Riverside Girls High School in Sydney.  The students focused on issues important to them including helping people with Alzheimer’s through music, helping the community understand homelessness so we can tackle it together, providing simple tools to reduce energy consumption, finding new product ideas to reduce food waste, helping support local businesses and reducing plastic in our oceans.

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Setting up a social enterprise - the first 6 months

Despite having advised or consulted to many a social enterprise and start-up over the years, there is nothing like the real experience of starting your own.

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Youth have the fresh eyes - let's give them the skills

I love that story about Henry Ford who was having trouble making things work on the production line. A staff member told him, "it can't be done" and he said to him, "well find me a young person that doesn't know it can't be done!".

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