Schools programs

Young Change Agents schools program is available at both primary (year 5-6) and high school (year 7-10) levels.

Our programs are built as a train-the-trainer model for teachers and we provide support for ongoing programs through our online technology platform.

This is a cross-curricular program that encompasses elements of civics & citizenship, social studies, commerce, english, maths, drama, IT and art.

The program includes:

1. 2.5 day "camp" which can be run onsite or offsite

2. Mentoring/coaching session (held one month later)

3. Final presentations/learnings

Learning objectives

Soft skills development

  1. Increased motivation (demonstrated by leading projects, developing products, participation etc)
  2. Better understanding of their leadership potential (personal leadership, task leadership, community leadership)
  3. Taking initiative & decision making ability (i.e. how empowered they felt to make a difference in the community)
  4. Increased self confidence
  5. Improved communication (Improvement in their ability to communicate ideas, peers)
  6. Improved goal setting strategies
  7. Improved team work
  8. Improved time management

Social entrepreneurship and start-up skills

  1. Social enterprise (what is it, differentiating between a business/social enterprise)
  2. Social impact (what is it, how do my actions have an impact)
  3. Questioning (what are the issues I care about, what are the root causes of these problems)
  4. Problem solving through ideation (how can I think of new ideas to solve problems)
  5. Customer empathy mapping (who is my customer, what do they hear, do, think, feel?)
  6. Market research (creating a survey to test assumptions)
  7. Creating a value proposition (positioning and elevator pitch)
  8. Budgeting (costs and revenue)
  9. Branding (brand name and logo development)
  10. Pitching (communication/persuasion)




You can choose to provide a theme for the program (for example - environment, health & wellness) or you can leave the focus completely up to the interests of the youth.

Tech Social Entrepreneurship

There is also an option to run a tech social entrepreneurship camp where we ask the youth to propose technology-focused solutions.


Young Change Agents are now taking bookings for NSW, QLD and NT for 2018. Please contact for further a School's Information Pack or call on 0452 276 927


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