Youth programs

Young Change Agents is suitable for all sorts of youth groups including local youth groups, NFP youth programs/schools, juvenile justice, church/religious groups. 

We meet with you to discuss your objectives and options for delivery either as part of your wider program or as a standalone program.

Here are some case studies of youth programs we have run this year:

Australia's first social entrepreneurship program for youth with disabilities (in partnership with Cerebral Palsy Alliance and Telstra):


You can choose to provide a theme for the program (for example - creating job opportunities for youths or youth action for the environment) or you can leave the focus completely up to the interests of the youth.

Tech Social Entrepreneurship

There is also an option to run a tech social entrepreneurship camp where we ask the youth to propose technology-focused solutions. This option will include basic UI design within the curriculum.

For more information please email or call on 0452 276  927


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